Mental Health America Central Carolinas | Annual Report

Mental Health America of Central Carolinas hired Indiblu Creative the last several years to design their annual report. The results have been very positive.

INDIBLU incorporated the use of infographics to explain hard to understand outcomes. Using vibrant colors, engaging photos and incorporating program and services information makes the annual report a key marketing piece for the organization all year.


MHA was actually in the middle of an identity crisis with their national organization rebranding and was seeking to find their own voice and vision. As with many organizations, printing budgets were slim and the digital and social media age was creating opportunities to create larger and more interactive annual reports. This was a direction they wanted to pursue–so they engaged Indiblu.


Without any limitations to size or color, Indiblu Creative pushed for a slightly larger annual report that was able to incorporate their new “Now Is The Time” theme in a variety of graphics and educational and informative storytelling. Keeping with the brand’s primary colors of yellow and blue–a new color, teal– was also added to the Annual Report color palette to add vibrancy. Program outcomes were displayed in colorful easy to read graphics and charts. Extra boost: The back cover served as a promotional ad for their new mental health anti-stigma campaign.


MHA utilized the annual report to educate and share online in an interactive format that they hadn’t experienced prior. The response was overwhelming. With their new social media platform, they are able to educate donors and supporters and capture their hearts and attention in a new and informative way. Infographics and impact numbers were used throughout the report educating their audience. Small captions with quotes in colorful graphics from their staff, volunteers, and students enabled their voice and vision to be heard and seen. MHA has selected Indiblu to design this year’s Annual Report.