ShineLight, Autism Services and Supports

A Fayetteville services provider desperately needed to stand out.

Genesis: A New Beginning of Fayetteville contacted Indiblu Creative to help raise awareness in their local community and to stand out from their competitors. 

Genesis was founded by Nikki Creecy to serve the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. Through marketing research, Indiblu identified a unique opportunity to develop a distinctive path of care – providing services and supports to individuals with Autism (ASD), and more specifically–Residential Supports.




Genesis was founded on the faith of the CEO with little attention to naming or branding. INDIBLU  needed to be sensitive to this fact while developing a new brand. Genesis was a very small provider with only two homes and only a staff of thirty, so INDIBLU had to scale down our typical branding management program to custom fit their needs and budget.




INDIBLU started with market research and conducted a competitor and client audit of Genesis’s brand footprint and social media presence within the local area. INDIBLU also conducted online surveys of important stakeholders and developed a strategic plan from which the branding initiative was founded. Once again, research proved to be invaluable.





The overwhelming outcome–a much-needed name and logo change. There was another more established provider in the same area with the same name and to thrive in this area of services, INDIBLU suggested Genesis scale down its service offerings and focus specifically on people with Autism and providing Residential Supports. No one was doing this.They would be the market leader. A new strategic long-term plan was initiated to change the course and increase the growth of the agency over the next five years.

Genesis: A New Beginning became ShineLight – Services and Supports for People with Autism. Adding an identifier line with the logo quickly informed people what ShineLight was about. A new brand language was developed that was personal-”staff is now “family”, images and colors were solidified. The new name and logo are a huge success!